Verizon Galaxy S6 Early Upgrades Include Big Catch

Verizon Galaxy S6 pre-orders are live, and users who aren’t at the end of a contract may be surprised to see the Verizon early upgrade offer when they log in, but there’s one huge challenge you need to make. You need to know all the details before relying on this deal to get a cheap Galaxy S6 delivered to your doorstep.

We rarely see a Verizon early upgrade offer, but the carrier is in the midst of massive pressure to persuade buyers to opt for a Verizon Edge plan not to be confused with the Galaxy S6 Edge. In this case, the offer is only for two phones, and it’s not something you can get away with on other devices. Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge – phone not shipping although you can check.

logging in to check Verizon Galaxy S6 pre-orders We noticed that Verizon has listed a special offer for an early upgrade at a discounted price. To use this early upgrade you need to choose Verizon Edge which can save a lot depending on your data plan.

Don’t count on early upgrade for Galaxy S6.

The Verizon website will let you go through the payment process, but Verizon will catch an error before the phone ships. We checked this special offer with Verizon Wireless Support, who confirmed that this offer is only valid on two select devices.

“Yeah, it looks like this series is only suitable for early EDGE with Droid Turbo or Maxx.”

According to past accounts, if you complete the checkout, the order will fail during shipping, which will cause a headache for you in the future. Even if this applies to the Galaxy S6, there is another problem. If you choose an early Edge upgrade, you’ll have to trade in your old phone for $0. In this case, a 64GB iPhone 6 is much more valuable than that.

You can check out what seems like an early upgrade to Verizon's Galaxy S6, but don't expect it to ship.

You can check out what seems like an early upgrade to Verizon’s Galaxy S6, but don’t expect it to ship.

The Verizon website lets you pay with an early upgrade offer and a Galaxy S6 in the shopping cart, but it’s unlikely to arrive at your doorstep, and if you go to the store, you won’t be able to use this option for an early upgrade. Galaxy S6 upgrade.

What is Verizon Edge?

With Verizon Edge, you pay for the phone every month instead of paying $249 today and getting a $50 postage discount. Instead of signing up for a service contract, you sign up for a payment plan for the phone. You don’t have to pay an ETF if you decide to leave Verizon, but you do have to pay for the phone.

Verizon Edge and Verizon Contracts

Shoppers can save $15 or $25 per month when they use the Verizon Edge program. If you’re eligible for the upgrade, you can opt for a two-year contract or Verizon Edge. Depending on how much data you use, the Verizon Edge program could result in an almost free phone, but you still need to be able to upgrade to make that choice.

Check out our Verizon Edge and Verizon two-year contract pricing breakdown to see which offer best fits your needs.

The Verizon Galaxy S6 release date is April 10, the same day as all other major US carriers and pre-orders are now live.

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