Turn on your smartphone using one hand without touching the “ON” button

Although we all do it mechanically today, having to constantly press the ON/OFF button on our smartphone to turn on the screen can get tedious, especially when we use it constantly. However, in the absence of a special function like Motion Launch (HTC One M8) or LG Knock On or Knock Code, in other words, we really have no choice.

There are alternatives though, and the last one is a app called WakeUp permissiveopen your smartphone screen No need to press the ON/OFF button, you just have to pick it up and put it on in vertical position.

An app that truly lives up to its name and lets youautomate your smartphone’s ignition because it will light up by itself as soon as it is positioned at a certain angle. Likewise, you only need to put it on the table in a lying position to lock it again. Angle sensitivity is customizable and configurable via app settings.

Another advantage of the WakeUp application is, no root required or any other previous manipulation and does not affect battery performance. From there, there is no reason not to be seduced.

to immediately take advantage of the ease of use it offers.wake up appsimply:

  • Download and install by clicking the link at the end of the article
  • Go to app settings and tap “Enable” and “Auto-track” buttons
  • Edit the settings according to your preferences

This type of application is one of the reasons we would never find it on a platform other than Android and we chose the Google operating system over any other operating system.

Google Play store

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