Top 15 Unknown or Forgotten Android Apps

As you probably know, Android is an anthill overflowing with developers. Be it amateur or professional, they are all passionate about implementation and give their all, creating apps for every taste. Sometimes necessary, sometimes less certain, with millions of tools in the Google Play Store, some apps can be unfairly overlooked or forgotten, here’s a choice. check them out Top 15 Unrecognized or Forgotten Android Apps.

So get ready for these 15 out-of-the-ordinary apps. This selection will try to remain as heterogeneous as possible in terms of themes, as is the case with the best Android apps. Also, if you want to share your own discoveries, feel free to comment by mentioning your favorite apps.

A selection of the 15 best unknown or forgotten Android apps

1. Snapseed


One of the best photo apps for Android that will give you quick and easy access to your shooting settings. Belonging to Google for three years, the giant bought it when it split into the iOS population. With it you will be able to easily select, crop, cut and apply filters.


2.Google Handwriting

Google handwriting

If you find that the touch screen keyboard is a nuisance, then this app should make you happy. so you can write freely. Also ideal for your signatures. Besides emoji, 82 languages ​​are available.

Google Play

3.My Routes

my routes

If you don’t need an app that allows to consult an offline GPS, this app is a good alternative. It is aimed at all hikers and other real-world explorers. Whether you’re a cyclist or a climber, My Routes tracks all the places you’ve traveled, your speed, distance, altitude difference,… get all your data with statistics and graphs and share your information.

Google Play



Although this app may not attract much attention at first glance, if you like BugDroid and character customization, it may get you stuck for a long time. Adjust skin color, choose hair, clothes to create a version of your image, in short, unleash your creativity to create the one that suits you best.

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Google Play

5.My maps

my maps

As All Saints’ Day approaches, My Maps will help you plan your next vacation as this app lets you. create your own custom maps. Apart from holidays, areas to be held etc. This can be helpful in your search for accommodation by drawing maps that show You will start by creating a map that you will name. Then add markers, draw paths, etc. Each added point can be defined.

Google Play

Google Gesture Search

For those who like quick manipulation, Google Gesture Search lets you create combinations. launch your apps with a single gesture. Like the free writing app, there is a search on your smartphone that will be possible based on the letters you draw on your screen. When you open the app, you will need to define the categories (contacts, apps, settings, etc.) you want to search for. The more you type, the more you refine the search.

Google Play

7. Google Agenda Series

Google Agenda Stories

There was a time when Google owned Motorola. In this short period, concepts for new smartphones emerged. This app is from this era and allows you to discover immersive videos in a universe specially designed for your mobile phone. Renowned directors present short films made in 2D or 3D using your terminals’ sensors to give you an experience reminiscent of the advent of Google Cardboard. Be at the center of the action.

Google Play

8.Device Support

Android Wizard

This app can guide you in managing your Android device to get the most out of it. If you have a problem with an application, especially if you are the “computer in the family”, they can provide assistance, training and any service that can relieve you of a certain burden. Determine your level of proficiency in the Android field from the start, the app will then determine the instructions based on the problems encountered.

Google Play

9.Chrome Remote Desktop (for PC and Android)

android remote desktop chrome

Perhaps the most useful of all the other apps presented here will be familiar to some of you. Chrome Remote Desktop lets you access your computer from your smartphone or tablet. To be able to control your computer from anywhere in the world, you will need to install it on your Android and your Chrome browser. This allows you to print from your smartphone.

Google Play

10. Google Glasses

google glasses

If it’s not too new, we probably have less instinct to use Google Goggles for our searches, as opposed to the text input or even the OK Google command we use. You are here do your research by taking pictures of what you seeWhether it’s a table, barcode, or tourist destination, the app does the research for you.

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11. Meter


Coming from an experimental branch of Google (Creative Labs) using the idea of ​​Material Design, Meter will give your smartphone a new look by offering three animated wallpapers as wallpaper. After the application is installed, you can choose whether you want it or not. view in real time on your wallpaper battery level, network quality or your notifications. Simple and aesthetic, this app is worth the detour.

Google Play

12. Photo Wall for Chromecast

photo wall for chromecast

Another app from Google Creative Labs, Photowall for Chromecast was designed with entertainment and usability in mind. If you’re hosting a party, run your Chromecast or the Chromecast 2 we’ve tested here, then ask your guests to install this app. The photos they took during the night will be shown on your television. All the photos transferred on the screen will then be automatically compiled into a YouTube video.


13. Tunnel Vision

vision tunnel

For those who love photography and psychedelic effects, Tunnel Vision lets you choose from six different filters that give your shots geometric shapes starting from the center of the photo. The intensity of the effect can be adjusted and videos can also be saved in .mp4 format.


14. Introduction


The introduction is not unknown to some since this game has become a way of life. Application turns the real world into a virtual playground unlimited. Puzzles, intrigues and conflicts intertwine in a story that puts the fate of the planet in your hands.

It is not yet clear which camp you will choose to lead your adventure in this series-inspired universe. Loss. The augmented reality game that pushes you out of your home to progress in the game was developed by Niantic Labs, a start-up from the Google team.


15. Field Trip

school trip

This app is also developed by Niantic Labs. It will allow you to discover unusual, new, unknown places. Indispensable when you visit an unknown city, you will also know Lets you rediscover places you thought you knew. From the first launch it will suggest interesting places nearby. Refine the selection according to your preferences, explanatory pages are also provided.

Google Play


While some of these apps are probably better known than others, which ones on this list are you most interested in? this choice 15 Best Unknown Android Apps could be much longer, feel free to improve with your suggestions.