Tinder rolls out new security features, including ‘Incognito’ mode

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Tinder, dating app users You can more easily control how they interact with others.

Name of one of the new features “Incognito Mode”. Members can still like or dislike profiles on the app, but only people they like can see those profiles in their recommendations. This will allow them When browsing profiles on Tinde, have full control over who sees themr is useful if you want to avoid friends or colleagues. Unfortunately, this feature is only available to Tinder+, Gold and Premium members.

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Tinder strengthens its security

In its new update, Tinder also offers the following opportunity: block profilesThis allows users to choose who they want to see on Tinder. Thanks to this new feature, when profiles are recommended, members can directly block these profiles and prevent the profiles from appearing again. So this new functionality is in addition to blocking people and blocking them after a report.

Tinder is also adding a long-term reporting feature; Preserve chat messages to directly initiate the reporting process. This makes it easier to report harassment, hate speech, or other offensive text that violates the app’s community guidelines.

Tinder also asks “Does This Bother You?” It also updates its features. and “Are you sure?” Expand content it deems inappropriate, including terms related to hate speech, sexual abuse and harassment. Finally, Tinder is launching a series of healthy dating guides in collaboration with No More, a campaign aimed at ending domestic violence and sexual assault. For those unaccustomed to using mobile apps to find love, Tinder already offers advice on protecting themselves from scams.

Certain features, such as incognito mode, will initially only come to Android before being rolled out to iOS later.

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