Tinder: A news feed with Instagram photos of your matches and Spotify artists

Before integrating content from other social networks in the app, Tinder is testing a new news feed feature called Measurable Feed, which will feed in-app photo updates, Instagram posts, and Spotify Top Artists from your matches. The news feed will be available in a tab integrated into the message screen. Swipe right and you will be able to see the news of people who have done the same thing about you. Tinder Gold, the paid version of the dating app, is a welcome option as it’s wildly successful.

Tinder, Instagram and Spotify are testing a news feed with match content

“Feed brings your Matches to life by giving you a visual and interactive experience that gives you a little boost to start conversations with the people that interest you most,” Tinder rejoices. Discussing with someone who knows who their current artist is or their recent activities or travels removes a barrier and Make Tinder a little less creepy more than with the simple “swipe right, swipe left”.

To stay connected, it will be possible to comment on the news of their matches or decide to speak in the chat for a more successful and personal discussion. Therefore, we approach what a social network can be without losing of course. flirt and flirt Who made Tinder successful? If you don’t want to share your news in the Stream of your matches while still connecting your Instagram and Spotify accounts, you will be able to configure this in the app settings.

The feed feature is currently being tested in Australia, New Zealand and Canada. It is expected to be released for all users in the coming months. Another innovation, less focused on the human side, is in the testing phase: an AI that will tell you who you should match with.

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