TikTok: A moderator traumatized by shocking videos files a complaint


The role of the moderator in social networks often considered one of the toughest in the world. TikTok’s 10,000 content moderators are subject to harassment, as we can read in a complaint filed by a traumatized moderator against the video-sharing platform and its parent company, ByteDance. a daily diet of child pornography, suicides, rapes, beheadings, school shootings and even animal mutilations. With violent content consumed so regularly, it’s no surprise to see that half of moderators suffer from post-traumatic stress and are at risk of mental illness.

Employees working in the field of content moderation, 12 hour working day Meanwhile, they have to watch hundreds of videos, mostly shocking, without interruption. Two 15-minute breaks and a one-hour lunch break. Last year, other Facebook moderators had already accused their company of endangering their lives.

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A TikTok moderator filed a lawsuit against the social network

The frantic pace and expected rotation of these moderators imposed by the social network makes them You have a maximum of 25 seconds to rate a video Before moving on to the next video. Some were also watching several videos at the same time. With screens that display 3 to 10 videos simultaneously.

That’s why Tiktok’s content moderator Candie Frazier filed a class-action lawsuit against her company. He would suffer today Post-traumatic stress from all the disturbing videos he was forced to watch. The complaint states: ” The complainant has difficulty sleeping and has terrible nightmares when he sleeps. “.

Plaintiff now wants psychological injury compensation suffered and court decision forcing the company to create a medical fund for moderators. Often psychological monitoring of moderators is not properly provided by companies, so we hope that Candie Frazier’s complaint will lead to better working conditions for employees.

Source : Bloomberg

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