Street Panorama: Google Maps and Street View simultaneously

Street Panorama is the app that came up with a very simple idea that will keep us stuck on Google Maps for a while.

For whom Google Maps is the app… for those who sometimes find themselves outside, which is still a lot of people. Cow or not, we still go out sometimes. We even have an Android Wear version that came out with Mini Maps to stay nerdy even on the street.

Street View is the function of visiting the world from your chair, or rather, visiting the world without actually costing us. Since the arrival of Street View on Google Maps, the app has become the most used app the giant has ever developed. And that means.

But there is always more to do with our smartphones that will make us more addicted, a little sicker, a little happier. An XDA forum member came up with this thing by combining Google Maps and Street View in a way never seen before in the app version. it just split the screen in half. Street View is displayed in the upper half and the map in the other half. In addition, the gestures are simplified to move forward and backward, as it can be done using the volume keys.

you can also place as many favorites as you want on the map, you live completely virtual as soon as possible and want to roam in your favorite neighborhood. But he’s still worried about you.

Anyway, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Google adopt this principle: already seen in the web version. It’s not revolutionary on its own, but like many good ideas, it’s a very simple, little extra that makes it much more practical to use. A video demo appears on the play store and it looks hilarious to frantically click on the map to see the relevant images appear immediately.

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