Sports Tracker: the best app for your sports activities

If one app to measure your physical activity, Fitness Tracker is one of the best options! The application, which is offered for free on the Google Play Store, is a reference in its field and has already convinced thousands of users. Meet an application that has proven itself for a long time.

Whatever sport you do, Sports Tracker can monitor your physical activity. Distance, time, speed etc. The app doesn’t miss anything you do. Whether you’re more of a cyclist, runner or skating, this won’t be a problem. One of the strongest aspects of this app is its social dimension. You can easily connect to Facebook, share your exploits, and see your friends’ workouts around the world.

Sports Tracking application accompanies you in all sports.

Very complete, Sports Tracker can also show you: summaries and schedule of your sports activities. Enough to progress by improving your times and distances. If you don’t know where to play sports, a map is at your disposal with the routes that the users of the application have already followed. Photos taken by other members are also available to see if the frame is right for you. All that remains is to get started!

of course you can take a photo of yourself on your training site and share them with your friends and other Sports Tracker users. As you can understand, the Android application is very complete and should not disappoint you. You can wear accessories such as a heart rate sensor. Presentation video and download link in the suite! Feel free to test it and give us feedback! Which sports apps do you use and why?

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