SNCF: an application to know the location of trains in real time

Notice to all subscribers and occasional travelers of the SNCF network: An application that will soon make your life easier. If we had known about the SNCF travel app that allowed, among other things, to review timetables and/or book train tickets, a new companion app was announced here. It was SNCF president Guillaume Pepy who announced it live on the Europe 1 airwaves on Sunday, Feb.

Here’s what Guillaume Pepy had to say: “Users will have access to the same information as people on the network. For example, knowing how far the train they are waiting for is from the station. In other words, this unnamed smartphone application will be able to detect the location of 15,000 trains on the network in real time. It will arrive on our smartphones before July 2014 and success should be there.

Find out the location of SNCF network trains in real time using an app

As the saying goes: good news never comes alone. Another app should see the light of day too. This will allow get your ticket in the form of a 2D barcode Enough for TER to remove a lot of worries for travelers. Guillaume Pepy also reminded everyone that Wi-Fi will soon be free at more than a hundred stations.

No more endless waiting at stations, lack of information about the location of trains, the impossibility of surfing on Wifi at stations. So you can try to break your own record in the annoying Flappy Bird, or until then you can take advantage of the Facebook-signed Paper app. One thing is for sure, these apps are excellent ventures if the welcome or travel conditions sometimes leave something to be desired. Do you welcome the arrival of these applications? There’s also the iDTGV booking app to book your train tickets!

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