Skype Lite: Microsoft announces light version of its famous messenger

Do you know Facebook Lite? Thus, you will quickly understand the working principle of the Skype Lite application, which was announced last night by Microsoft president Satya Nadella.

Skype Lite: use Skype even if the network is bad

The principle of this lightweight version of Skype is very simple: to be able to use the messaging service anywhere (or almost) and with any smartphone. Because today many users are very well equipped, while others are not lucky enough to get the newest models every year.

The problem with older smartphones is that sometimes they can no longer run certain apps. Skype is far from being a lightweight app on Android, and Microsoft is well aware of that. That’s why the Redmond company is targeting those with less powerful smartphones with Skype Lite. Skype Lite needs very few resourcess (CPU, RAM, etc.) can work flawlessly because it uses very little data and consumes much less energy.

But the main advantage of Skype Lite is not here. The most important thing is that the app can: works even when the network is bad. Thus, users can call each other (audio and video) free of charge or send text messages to each other. Currently, these messages are not encrypted, but other new features will come in the coming months.

The only negative point for now, Skype Lite is currently reserved for India. Therefore, the app is only available in seven Indian languages: Gujarati, Bengali, Hindi, Mrathe, Tamil, Telugu and Urdu. But there is a good chance that the app will be deployed in new languages ​​in the near future. Meanwhile, always Download the APK file from here.

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