Skype: hackers’ favorite instant chat app

Everything moves so fast on the internet. Sometimes even very fast: It is difficult for app developers to follow trends and especially to create them. The Skype example is important: After absorbing MSN Messenger and rolling out video calls to the public, it’s clear that it lost interest.

And there’s a good reason: with the advent of cell phones, there are also tons of competitors leaking into the breach. Today Skype pales in comparison to WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, both of which are the most widely used chat clients worldwide. But it still attracts people…

Skype is now popular with hackers

This is not something Microsoft wants, but according to a study conducted by Microsoft, it seems to be true. Flash point. The security agency investigated which instant chat application is most used by hackers.

Examining the discussions on social networks, websites, and closed discussion forums of the hacker groups he observed, he noticed that Skype’s use of the software was particularly cited among the British and Russian communities, with 62% and 38% respectively.

Spanish and Arab hackers were fond of Microsoft software in 2012, but they gradually moved to ICQ or WhatsApp in 2016. We have a better understanding of why a child pornography network has been deployed on WhatsApp recently.

Noting that Russian pirates now seem to be the stars of this environment, the analyst noted that the trends they started were followed quickly by other countries.

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