Skype: Complete Snapchat-inspired redesign revealed, rollout on Android!

Instant chat apps are now the most used apps on mobile, and that’s natural because since these devices came into existence, they have allowed us to instantly communicate with our loved ones.

That’s why the competition is always tougher, especially in a world where Snapchat has the first of the new ideas and Facebook enjoys copying it as quickly as possible. In this brutal exchange, one of the oldest makes a surprising comeback.

Discover the new Skype

Indeed, Microsoft’s voice, video, and chat application that is making a big comeback today is Skype. Indeed, Microsoft has officially announced a complete overhaul of its app, which you can see in the video below:

As you can see, the days when the app was mostly dedicated to business conversations and video chats with grandma are gone. The change is complete and emphasizes socialization like never before.

This time you’ll have access to all of Skype’s current features, with timeless new emoticons, GIF support, custom colors for your messages, and the possibility to create a “Highlight” largely inspired by Snapchat Stories.

In a nutshell, the new Skype is a mix of the latest features from competing instant chat apps. Highlights of the show: it will be distributed over the next few days, first on Android, then on iOS, then on Windows and Mac.

Will that be enough to spook WhatsApp and Messenger, the two most used apps in France? It’s hard to say, but the update is important, at least for the service.

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