Shazam: There is an app to identify plants and animals from a photo

Fauna and Flora have Shazam and it’s called Ara. This image recognition app can identify any plant, flower or animal using a simple photo. The application also provides information pages to learn more about the identified item. This educational aspect makes it even more useful.

like Shazam, app to identify any song, there are apps that can make you an expert on fauna and flora. This situation Seek, an app developed by iNaturalistis an association that brings together thousands of nature-loving researchers. The principle is the same as that of Shazam. You see a plant, flower or animal whose name you do not know. A simple photo is all it takes to identify it with a good level of credibility.

Search identifies plants and animals around you

Seek uses image recognition to accurately and accurately identify the thousands of plant and animal species commonly found in your area, such as birds, amphibians, plants, and fungi, within seconds. All you have to do is get out of your house, explore nature to learn about the flora and fauna around you.

Like Shazam for music tracks, Search identifies plants and animals in seconds. Just take a photo of the item you want to know the name of. The app also offers a Wikipedia article summary on identified genres, as well as a section on similar genres. It’s also possible to earn badges and participate in challenges as you add new species to your explorations. Search is available at: game store, it’s also on iOS and has a database of around 30,000 species.

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