SaveMySnaps: The app that saves what Snapchat wants to delete

We all know the Snapchat principle; Send content that will only last a few seconds on the target cell phone before it is deleted from Snapchat’s servers. We also know that this principle can be circumvented more or less effectively and more or less cautiously. SaveMySnaps was successful on both.

In theory, Snapchat users shouldn’t be able to save any photos or messages to the app. It’s an industry that smartphone users love, and Instagram’s rival Bolt is proof of that. However, there are several methods by which Snapchat files can be backed up and address the nature of the app. One of its methods is SaveMySnaps. It is an application that can Open any content on Snapchateasily and discreetly.

SaveMySnaps is similar to Snapchat in that its goal is ultimately to replace its functionality exactly by copying minus the border. User can login with Snapchat credentialsand from there he will be able to access everything shared with him without any time limit.

Saving files is also seamlessly possible, and users of SaveMySnaps, Save images without warning the sender. A similar app was already on iOS, so if this thing is new to us, we should know that some of our buyers may already be able to take advantage of it.

In the age of digital information and now universal awareness that everything will crack sooner or later, Totally relying on SnapChat or any short-lived app other than gaming is insane. However, with SaveMySnaps, the method is now even simpler, and unwary people sending conciliatory messages, videos or pictures will not even realize that they have been betrayed by the process. A similar app that has been on iOS since March, maybe you’ve already been a victim?

Save My Snaps

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