Root: SuperSU app is no longer available on Google Play Store

For a long time, SuperSU was one of the most popular apps among the Android device repair community. Chainfire, the creator of the app, entrusted its development to CCMT in 2015 before gradually moving away. The character became more and more uninterested in the root, which he found unnecessary over time.

Root: SuperSU slams Play Store door

Application SuperSU is no longer available on Play Store. The reasons for this withdrawal are unclear. It is possible that the developers have not recently completed the Declaration of Conformity requested by Google. Thus, the dev would have decided to delete all applications that did not meet the company’s requirements. The administrator may also have violated other Google policies. CCMT has yet to give an explanation for this retreat, which has been very much noticed by the community.

Also, the Pro version of SuperSU is still available in the Play Store. On social media, it’s been a year since the app’s official Twitter account posted any new information. Same observation about the Google+ page. The root manager has apparently been completely abandoned. Hackers may turn to popular alternatives like Magisk.

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