Root Booster: boost your smartphone’s performance!

It is true that the news itself is not shocking; The Google Play Store is full of apps that offer the same service; however, these sometimes involve somewhat frightening manipulations. Here, RootBooster It stands out from its competitors by using very special settings. This app can only be used on a rooted phone. If you want to install Root Booster, therefore, you will need to change your access rights which will allow you to have the ultimate Sesame.

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Certain settings of Root Booster can be accessed and activated via a Preset mode; Whether you increase the power of your phone or balance your battery or even their performance. Once selected, these settings apply to the main components of your device i.e. CPU, RAM and your Android operating system.

Diagnostics and solutions for your system

First of all, CPU Governor is a driver that can: regulates the clock frequency of a processor. It can decide when and how fast the processor will reach its maximum and minimum frequencies. After reviewing these Managers, Root Booster will be able to choose the most suitable one to make your mobile device more stable, powerful and reliable.

Root Booster

Secondly, apps are getting more and more impressive, they always require more resources and can destabilize your system. Root Booster can also: test your coach and changing the size of the heaps in virtual memory so that each installed application consumes only what is absolutely necessary for it to function properly.

Finally, some apps continue to run certain programs after they are closed and sometimes significantly hamper your device’s performance. Root Booster examines the most resource-consuming apps through a scan and takes care to disable them.

Root Booster is available on Google Play Store. To download the application:


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