Poll: Which is your favorite app?

  • Our best Android apps of 2015

I told myself that everyone has their own way of using their smartphone, and that largely includes apps. So why not share your latest findings with the community? This will be an opportunity for some to present their best practices and for others to discover new practices they may not know.

The aim is not to mention the most popular applications that almost all of us have on our mobile phones, such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, but to present others that are less well known and have become indispensable to you.

i start with 5 apps I love and highly recommend. I use them almost every day mostly:

  • Captain Train : I take the train often and this app is far superior to SNCF’s in terms of ticket booking and management and even discount cards.
  • pocket : The web fills us with so much information that we don’t always have time to read everything right now. Pocket lets you save what you want to read later from your smartphone or browser.
  • sd maid : If you’re looking for an awesome cleaning app, here’s one. SD Maid can give your smartphone a second life. I even paid for the pro version!
  • text message : An aesthetic messaging app, simple to use and very effective. I don’t have much to blame him for.
  • make green : To suspend apps running in the background or starting automatically. Enough to save your RAM for more speed and your battery for more autonomy!

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