Pokémon Go: Broken API towards Pokévision’s return?

During the penultimate Pokémon Go update, Niantic changed and tightened its API, blocking access to its servers. As a result, all Pokévision-style Pokémon radars have been discontinued.

While the reason was commendable (it was so that the servers weren’t overloaded and the game started in other countries), that didn’t stop the players from venting their anger. They felt that the game was unplayable in its current form and took away all the fun that could be gained from catching Pokémon.

Although the latest update brings a new and much more accurate radar system, it may not be enough for players and they will still prefer radars like Pokévision. This is where the Discord hackers team comes in.

Second, they set the goal of overriding the new API to be able to access the game’s servers again. They discovered that the security could be compromised, the second took the form:A piece of code they call Unknow6 and it is this code, hidden deep within the game code, that provides authentication for accessing servers.

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For 4 days the team did everything to finally find this code and put it in third party apps like speed cameras and They succeeded. But it wasn’t painless, because besides dealing with the usual problems, they had to manage a frenzied community and had to close their Github accounts. Now, we will see when and when they will share this code.

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