Pokémon GO: 5 tips for “cheating” in a more or less moral way

Pokémon Go can be very frustrating at times. This may be due to not being able to find the Pokémon you want because the game’s radar isn’t very precise, even though we’ve covered how to find out in our guide, or it’s from an egg that doesn’t hatch fast enough. .

Therefore, we have selected for you 5 tips with more or less moral “cheats”. The site doesn’t really support these methods (although the first is used by a few editorial staff).

1. Pokevision, ultra sensitive card

We know the Pokémon GO radar is particularly frustrating because we don’t really know where to go when the Pokémon of our dreams are so close. Good pokevision website gives you the location of all Pokémon and the spawn time of the latter in real time. It’s not really cheating on its own, it’s more of a help than anything else, an improvement on the game’s radar.

Warning: With the latest Pokémon Go update, tracking sites have been killed by Niantic. These are likely to come back later, but for now nothing has been decided.

But he couldn’t have it all. The PokéFinder app thus continues to work and remains a good alternative to Pokévision for now. It may not last long, though: Enjoy while there’s still time.

2. Fake GPS, the riskiest

Yet in the geolocation area it is possible to navigate without having to move somewhere using Fake GPS which will locate you when you are not there. But be careful, this can be risky because one Pokémon GO may not work and two The game may know that you are using it and ban you.

3. Public transport will go faster

Here again we can’t really talk about cheating, but more tricks and optimization of our journeys. Indeed, taking the bus, tram, or RER while the latter is going slow can make your eggs hatch faster and also catch more Pokémon. However, as the founder of the game said, we are losing one of the purposes that allows us to move and explore the city.

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4. The bot is the most complex

We told you this morning but it is possible to create a bot to go faster and reach the maximum level of the game. But in the end, the method is quite complicated to setup and two, it will break a lot. the pleasure we can have.

5. The most useless and expensive account purchase or player rental

This is a little too much for us, we have to admit. Indeed, people can spend a fortune buying Pokémon GO accounts, which caused this English teacher to quit her job to create high-level accounts.

Another method is to “hire” players. Indeed, people hire their services to play for people when they can’t play. There, too, we doubt the relevance of the thing and the pleasure people can derive from it…

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