Pokémon Coming to iPhone and iPad with a Catch

It’s been less than a year since Nintendo, makers of the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS game consoles, first announced a partnership with developer DeNA to bring popular characters from its biggest franchises to iPhone, iPad and devices running Google’s Android operating system. Today, Nintendo finally announced the first game to come as part of the deal, and that includes the venerable game. pokemon game series that is extremely popular on its own consoles.

Nintendo explains what it’s looking for Pokémon Shuffle Mobile in a video trailer on the Pokémon YouTube profile this morning. As the name suggests, Pokémon Shuffle Mobile It’s not a traditional game in the series. For example, when the game comes out this year, you won’t be going on adventures in Kanto, hoping to catch and train as many creatures as you can.

Instead of, Pokémon Shuffle Mobile It is a face matching game. Nintendo says the goal is to get to the end of each level by matching the faces of different Pokémon. To have a successful match, players need three matches of the same Pokémon’s face. Successful matches unlock a new attack for Pokemon fighting at the top of the screen. The more faces you match, the stronger your combos will be.

Inside Pokémon Shuffle Mobile iPhone users will still team up and catch Pokémon. Items and enhancements are also included in the game – albeit very different from what iPhone, iPad and Android users do. Pokémon they are more familiar with the experience.


Nintendo says Pokémon Shuffle Mobile It will be free for all users, implying that there may be some kind of micro-currency or monetization way built into the game. To be fair, most mobile titles come for free, allowing users to experience what to expect.

Pokémon Shuffle Mobile It was not entirely created for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Nintendo released the first version of the game. Pokémon Mixed on the eShop last February. This version of the game allows users to earn hearts by working overtime or to buy hearts needed for battles with real-world money, according to a hands-on study. Polygon did it with the game. Other microcurrencies and items can also be purchased. Princes ranged from $0.99 to $47.99 for this micro-currency. Pokémon Mixed It’s also available for free, but only to Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 2DS owners.

Make sure, Pokémon Mixed This probably wasn’t what most users had in mind when Nintendo first announced its partnership with DeNA, but the game fits in with many games already at the top of the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store download charts. Most of the most popular iPhone and Android games do not have a cover charge. Instead, their developers treat them like a continuous service and sell in-game items in hopes of generating a steady stream of cash from players. Nintendo has yet to say whether there will be any cross-platform benefits. For example, we don’t know if playing Pokémon Shuffle will unlock anything in the major versions of the game. Pokémon For Nintendo 3DS. Pokémon Shuffle Mobile looks good for jumping in and out, which is essential for mobile games.

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So far, Nintendo only confirms this Pokémon Mixed heading to iTunes Store and Google Play Store “soon”. We’ll have to wait until it actually arrives to judge the game on its own merits. Nintendo and DeNA are planning to release multiple game iPhone and iPad games featuring Nintendo characters. We don’t know yet about other games in the portfolio that are definitely on the way. Neither the description provided by Nintendo with today’s trailer nor the trailer itself hints at a version. Pokémon Shuffle Mobile For Windows users.

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