Play Store: Google reduces the size of app updates by at least 50%

Updates can sometimes be a problem, especially when your smartphone’s memory is full. Recently, in case of lack of free space, Google offered us to uninstall apps directly, but to go even further without having to uninstall apps, the company now offers a new algorithm to reduce the size of the latter.

It delta algorithm, bsdiff, to reduce the size of these patches is “Up to 50% and more.” This reduction applies to both the space used by this update and the data downloaded. Thus, a major chrome update which was 22.8 MB before bsdiff is now 12.9 MB. Likewise for a minor update, we increase it from 15.3 MB to 3.6 MB.

However, Google also applies this new compression algorithm to larger files, which can be up to 2GB, such as game downloads. will be reduced by 12% during initial installation. and 65% at the time of an update, quite impressive.

Thanks to this algorithm, we will save both our data and memory in case of 4G download, so everything is fine for us. Especially since the updates have been reduced in size they will also be faster to make.

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Finally, Google now shows the size of the app more clearly and will show the size of the update if you’ve already downloaded the app.


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