Pixels are getting a special update: Here’s the list of new features


The first update of Android 13 QPR2 (Quarterly Platform Release) is available for select Pixel 4, Pixel 5, Pixel 6, and Pixel 7 users (all models). This is a big update This adds a lot to Google’s mobile operating system.

Google obviously released a patch note to provide some information but did not reveal the list of changes. To know these, you have to do some research on Android 13. but developer Mishaal Rahman installed There is a full inventory and many interesting things.

Android 13 examines windowed mode and adjusts its design

First notable change: windowed mode has been revised. Now when you minimize a Chrome window, A new menu appearsIt allows you to snap it to a corner or side like in Windows 11. Very practical.

Ringtones have also been improved. It will now be possible to adjust the volume of calls and notifications separately. Useful if you want to save the ringtone for an important call without getting all the “ding” notifications! Spatial Audio with Pixel Buds is making a comeback after being scrapped by Google to be reworked.

Other changes include the simple design of the drop-down menu, which now makes the time appear larger. Moreover, when the user listens to a Spotify song, a smoky effect is seen in the thumbnail. Beautiful. The taskbar has also been slightly improved.

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Finally, the last important point, Pixel 6 Pro owners now select 1080p definition for their screen, just like on Pixel 7 Pro. Here’s a way to save some battery without sacrificing quality.

All of these changes are currently reserved for only a handful of users. If they show their effectiveness, It will be available for general use in the coming months.