Pixel Watch: exposing your watch to direct sunlight isn’t always fatal

Launched in October 2022, the Pixel Watch presents itself as Google’s first connected watch. Despite some shortcomings pointed out by the press and users, such as the lack of health features and lack of autonomy, the Pixel Watch has been a huge success in a short time.

In March 2023, Google climbed to the second rung of the podium in the linked watch industry with 8% market share (Apple is still the undisputed leader).

However, like any electronic device, Leaving your Pixel Watch in direct sunlight for a day is really not recommended.. In 2021, OnePlus found itself at the center of a media storm after several smartphones exploded in India, particularly caused by high heat.

Pixel Watch can protect itself against high heat

However, as our colleagues at 9To5Google reported, a Pixel Watch owner forgot his connected watch on his car dashboard for an entire day. Left there at the mercy of the sun, there was a good chance Find Pixel Watch in a sad state.

Fortunately, Google has integrated into its product. a security protocol to deal with such a situation. Indeed, when the ambient temperature exceeds the limit threshold set by the manufacturer (ie 45°C), Pixel Watch will automatically turn off.

The user shared a screenshot of the notification displayed on his watch after the reboot on Reddit: “The clock was very hot. It turned off to cool and now works normally”.

pixel watch overheat

Automatic shutdown is not the only protection

As we can read on the official website of the Mountain View company, Pixel Watch is designed to work optimally at ambient temperatures between 0 and 35°C. Exposure to temperatures above 45°C may damage the product by causing the battery to fail. overheating (not to mention the fire hazard).

Also, don’t forget automatic shutdown of the device comes as the last step. If it overheats, Pixel Watch first tries to regulate the temperature by reducing performance and connectivity, disabling charging, and turning off the screen. But beware, these protection mechanisms are extraordinary. In other words, don’t expect to maintain its health by regularly exposing your Pixel Watch to high heat.

Source : 9To5Google

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