Pixel Battery Saver can turn off pixels to save your battery!

There are dozens of apps in the Android world that promise to dramatically increase your battery life, but while some of them are truly effective, the vast majority have little or no impact. Today we bring you an app that will save battery like never before, but will really only work for AMOLED displays.

The feature of AMOLED screens allows the basic to have a certain battery saving as there is no black light in these screens.. More precisely, black color is produced by simply turning off the pixels, not by illuminating the black, as long as a part of your screen is black, the corresponding pixels do not consume energy and the screen is the energy-consuming component. most batteries.

Pixel Battery Saver app takes advantage of this AMOLED display and pushes it to its limits. by allowing you to intentionally turn off some pixels on your screen so that it consumes less energy. As you can see from the images above, you can see how the pixels are turned off as well as the different options that let you activate the app on startup.

Using this application is very simple, You have access to 15 different profiles that turn off more or less pixels, Lowest is the profile that extinguishes the least, and Highest is the opposite. You can see the differences in the image below, it’s up to you to choose the profile that matches the profile you want. You can see that the profile used in the right image makes the screen unreadable (Very High). I recommend you not to exceed Medium.

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Pixel Battery Saver

The two most useful and readable profiles are Very Low and Low, “Horizontal #” and “Vertical #” profiles are not the most used, but everything will depend on your usage and preferences, it’s up to you to try them out. . You don’t need to have an AMOLED display to use it, but now know that it’s only really effective on these types of displays.. I let you try to judge!

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