Opera Max beta reduces app data consumption by 50%

The recent democratization of low-cost 4G has us consume more data than before. If Free Mobile offers a very high speed bundle with 20GB Fair Usage this isn’t always the case so it might be wise. reduce mobile data usage. However, that’s very good because that’s exactly the new trend that’s emerging on the browser side right now.

Therefore, the latest Chrome update for Android now allows data compression to compress data, while the app Opera Max beta offers largely the same approx. 50% reduction in data consumption of applications.

Opera Max beta app saves you data

If you are one of the loyal Opera users, you are familiar with the Turbo mode, which keeps data stored in the server cache, thus making web pages load faster. If the Turbo mode has already made it possible to achieve significant savings, then the application Opera Max beta for Android goes further expand its functions not only to browser data, but also to all Apps installed on your Android device Like YouTube, Flipboard, Vine or Instagram.

Unfortunately, due to its encrypted nature, it is not one of the apps supported by Facebook.Opera Max beta app, but remains one of the rare exceptions. Also, the fact that YouTube remains one of the most data-intensive apps in the Play Store is supported should remove a huge thorn in your side anyway.

If you are interested in this application, we recommend that you do it anyway. download very fast Because it is beta, it seems that it will be accessible to users who download the application and install it on their smartphones and will be available in the coming days. limited to first service until the distribution of the final version, which may not be free for its part.

Opera Max beta app

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