Nexus 6P Release Issues Continue

Last week, we got some good news as Google’s brand new flagship Nexus 6P smartphone finally started shipping. After it was announced at the end of September with the promise of shipping in 4-5 weeks, users started to buy their own smartphones this week. But we have bad news and some pre-orders are experiencing delays.

On September 29, Google announced the impressive, all-new, all-aluminum Nexus 6P, along with the Nexus 5X. Both fancy new Android 6.0 Marshmallow phones are upgraded pre order same day, but the Nexus 6P release isn’t going as smoothly as many had hoped.

After just two weeks the 64 and 128GB Nexus 6P is completely sold out and last week we confirmed that the Nexus 6P is out of stock on all models, not available at Google and has nothing more than potential for a waiting list (link above) buyers can sign up and more when it arrives can be informed. However, we got another bad news today and the Nexus 6P version issues continue.

The Nexus 6P is arguably the best Nexus smartphone Google has ever released. It is made entirely of aluminium. The Galaxy Note 5 is a flagship phone that can take the iPhone 6s and other flagship phones, and it has many “firsts” for any Nexus device.

If you don’t count the original Nexus One, it’s the first aluminum Nexus. It has a fingerprint scanner, a new USB Type-C connector with universal, reversible and fast charging, and is Google’s first phone to come with optional 128GB storage. It’s popular and quickly sold out for a reason.

Screenshot 2015-10-28, 2.51.37 PM

And while the two-week usability is much better than the Nexus 4 or Nexus 5 from previous years, both were sold out within minutes, but we’re still not out of the woods with the Nexus 6P.

Today I received an email from Google confirming that my Nexus 6P order has been delayed and we are seeing this. similar reports around the web. There’s a silver lining as the delay seems to be 6-8 days at most, and as a result, Google is refunding buyers $25 for the extra wait.

As shown above, the Nexus 6P is completely out of stock. So those waiting for the reviews to surface can’t buy one now. And first-day orderers like me, who choose a specific color or 128GB storage option (we’ve heard a few of them also experienced delays on the 64GB model) won’t receive the phone as early as promised. Here is some of the email from Google.

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Screenshot 2015-10-28, 2.55.30 PM

As you can see, the delay is not very long. My first order was placed on the 29th, hours after the pre-orders went live, and my Nexus 6P had an estimated shipping date of November 6-9. Now the email above states 7-14. So I can wait for the end of the second week instead of the first week of November.

This isn’t the worst news in the world, because it’s only a few days away, but it’s bad news nonetheless. After reaching out to a few of my friends, I’m seeing this more and more from people who ordered the 128GB Nexus 6P because that’s a lot of storage and is usually not offered by most, but a few people with the 64GB version (myself included) got the same letter.

Google continues to confirm that the Nexus 6P will ship soon, and they will still be out in the order that pre-orders are received, it could be a few days later than expected. Users will receive a $25 refund for issues and have the option to cancel if they wish.

We recommend that you wait, as the inventory is already completely exhausted. Huawei is also taking pre-orders, but their site says shipping won’t start until “end of November” and is almost out of stock. We recommend keeping the Play Store order. If you haven’t bought it yet, go to: Huawei Store before they’re all gone. We’ll update when we learn more or when these late orders start shipping.

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