New Moto 360 Smartwatch Release Rumors

This week Motorola took the stage and announced three new Android smartphones, but something new was missing from its announcement. smart watch It will replace last year’s popular Moto 360. Powered by Android Wear, the Moto 360 was one of the most popular watches, and while it’s not official, rumors of the 2nd Gen Moto 360 are starting to spread. to appear.

Earlier last year, Google released Android Wear, a version of Android built for wearables like Android Wear. smart watchand it was shown on the Moto 360. It didn’t launch until about six months later in September, and many were expecting a new Moto 360 alongside the new 2015 Moto X, but it wasn’t shown at the show. event this week

However, a new Moto 360 for 2015 is in the works and could come soon and may even be announced and launched in time for the Moto X Pure Edition release date this September. Read on for the latest details.

We’ve been waiting for a new Moto 360 for months smart watch It will be leaked, rumored, or released alongside the Moto X and Moto G for 2015, but that didn’t happen. Nothing hints at the idea of ​​Motorola launching another impressive Android Wear. smart watch, until now. Well, apart from a charger by Motorola a few weeks ago.

The Moto 360 was one of the most popular. smart watch options will be available in 2014 and a successor is likely. A new Moto 360 could have a slimmer profile, a fully rounded display instead of last year’s flat tire look, a better display, and most importantly, better battery life. The Apple Watch has been hugely successful, so we see no reason for Motorola to skip this segment, especially given the success of the original.

Yesterday, a few hours after the Moto X and Moto G were announced live in New York, some details emerged that suggest Motorola is working on a new Moto 360. smart watchand device only cleared the FCC.


Typically a device will not go through the FCC certification and clearing process unless a release date is imminent, as it is one of the last hurdles a device has to jump through before being released. This is a new smart watch It’s being worked on and wasn’t ready in time to be unveiled this week and could be announced in the near future, but we’ll have to wait and see.

The Moto G was announced and launched yesterday, but the other devices announced won’t be coming anytime soon. In fact, the new 2015 Moto X “Pure Edition” won’t be available until September. This means it launches on roughly the same annual release cycle, just in time, about a year after its predecessor.

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If that’s the case, we could see Motorola making another series of announcements and making its latest announcement. smart watch September is on time for a release and release date, but it’s hard to tell. Moto X Play, one of the phones announced yesterday, is not coming to the US. In the press release though, Motorola said it’s sorry about this and will stay tuned for more devices coming to the US later this year. These will likely be some DROID smartphones for Verizon, but smart watch or both are apparently in the works.

We’ll keep our eyes peeled for more details, leaks or speculation about a second Moto 360. smart watch, and update the moment we have more details. It looks like Android Wear will introduce a lot of new features with Android M this fall.

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