New Galaxy Note 4 Android 5.1.1 Version Information

Weeks after the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Android 5.1.1 Lollipop update finally arrives in the United States, it’s starting to make progress. And while the update is still limited, it looks like Samsung is finally ready to release a powerful Galaxy Note 4 Android 5.1.1 version.

In June, Samsung began rolling out the version of Google’s Android 5.1.1 Lollipop update. Android 5.1.1 was a bug fixer for Nexus devices but something much bigger for Galaxy smartphones and tablets. It brings bug fixes but also brings other improvements.

The problem is that Samsung has been slow to deliver it. Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge Android 5.1.1 updates are coming for a wide variety of variants in the United States and worldwide, while other Galaxy Android 5.1.1 versions have been stagnant for several weeks.

Last week, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Android 5.1.1 release showed signs of life and is starting to make progress as we enter September towards Google’s Android Marshmallow release.

Earlier this month, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has released Android 5.1.1 update For a new model (SM-N910C) in Poland. Poland is typically one of Samsung’s software release guinea pigs and we told you that if all goes well we expect the update to roll out pretty quickly.

Today, Samsung has released another Galaxy Note 4 Android 5.1.1 Lollipop update. This is for the SM-N910F, a popular international Galaxy Note 4 model. Update, by SamMobile, now available in Austria, Italy and Sweden. If all three of these updates are successful, they should hit more European countries in the new future.

The update can be downloaded via Samsung Kies, Samsung’s PC companion app, and can also be downloaded as Over-the-Air. Those waiting for the OTA should get a prompt that will speed up the download and installation process.

Galaxy-Note-5-4 2.51.36 PM

By who can download the updatelooks like the Sprint Galaxy Note 4 Android 5.1.1 update that came out a few weeks ago. The international Galaxy Note 4 Android 5.1.1 update includes a fix for the Stagefright vulnerability, a new Smart Manager app, and performance upgrades. Android Marshmallow is a big update for the Galaxy Note 4, albeit much larger.

Samsung still hasn’t come out and confirmed individual Galaxy Android Marshmallow updates, but rumors suggest that the company is already putting together a preliminary list that includes the Galaxy Note 4. The list also reportedly includes Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6 Edge+, Galaxy S6. Edge, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Duos, Galaxy Note 4 Duos, Galaxy Note Edge, Galaxy Tab A and Galaxy Alpha.

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While the Android Marshmallow update is expected to arrive on Nexus devices in September, it may take some time for Samsung to roll out this update for Galaxy phones and tablets.

there is a company did not start the job behind the scenes Android Marshmallow update, which means we should be months away from a release for Galaxy devices. Phones like the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 should be in the first place, but that has yet to be confirmed.

The company is focusing on Android 5.1.1 for now, and it looks like the Galaxy Note 4 Android 5.1.1 version will expand in the near future.

If you live in Europe or another region waiting for Android 5.1.1 and features, be patient. Samsung’s Android rollouts often take months to complete. We haven’t seen many carriers pre-confirm Android 5.1.1 updates, so there’s a good chance you’ll be waiting in the dark for Samsung’s latest Lollipop update to arrive.