My Google Maps 2.0: Complete revision after 2 years without updates

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However, the Mountain View company seemed to have given up on this practice. get it, it not updated since 2014, eternity in the changing and ephemeral world of applications. A lethargy that seems unusual to many from Google’s point of view.

Some even thought that the app would be discontinued, but Google didn’t hear about it and released the first update after almost 2 years. Let’s analyze what has changed in this very important time period.

After Google Maps upgraded to 9.2.0 version, My Maps upgraded to 2.0 version takes everything from scratch. In the effect, The aging UI has been replaced and its performance has been greatly improved. Google has also included a welcome guide to guide new users to get the most out of all the app’s features.

we can also see Photos and videos uploaded to the web. Displaying directions to saved points is done via photography, and now its own app Street View has been expanded to more locations. The update is now available on the Play Store, so you can try it at your leisure by clicking the button at the end of the article.

Therefore, it is an interesting application that is now renewed. Let us know if you know this and if you have tested this app before. If so, what inspires you this “comeback”?

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