[MAJ] Tinder, Meetic, Adopteunmec: 60% of Android dating apps follow you

Update : After our article, we got more details about the study. IBM has tested the IAC group’s dating apps such as Tinder, Match/Meetic or OKCupid and these apps do not show the vulnerabilities mentioned. So these apps are part of the 40% with no vulnerabilities.

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Do you use dating apps? Mind you, an IBM study just revealed some important results. Security vulnerabilities in Android apps. If you are an expert at seduction, you will have to change your method.

Tinder, Meetic or Adopteunmec don’t have a secret for you? Do you duplicate meetings thanks to these applications? The bad news is we’re going to have to change the method. IBM has identified numerous vulnerabilities on it. Among the 41 apps reviewed, at least 26 such apps.

[Ces applications] vulnerabilities allow access to additional features (camera, microphone, GPS location, etc.) on mobile devices that can be exploited by hackers. -IBM-

According to IBM, these applications exhibit more or less significant vulnerabilities. Among the vulnerabilities are those that allow access to personal information such as location, camera and even microphone. Two solutions: either you give up this process to hold meetings, preferring human contacts, or you are forced to. taking steps to improve security.

Therefore, the American firm initially recommendsuse a different password for each app. A tip that is given to you quite regularly, as if you use the same password for all your apps, it will be easier for a hacker to recover your information in all apps, not just one. You’re somehow making his job easier.

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Second, IBM has always update these apps Take care to control access permissions to your information. Many users approve all access without regard to it, which increases the risk of personal information being hacked.

Tips that are nothing new but that some users sometimes tend to forget. Any way is good to increase your chances of success, especially when it comes to seduction. So if you’re seductive, or essentially seductive, maybe the best way is the good old way. Attention, we are not talking about your technique. “Hey Miss you’re so attractive!”.


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