Magnus: Shazam of Artworks available on Android and iOS

There are apps for recognizing music, we have an example of Shazam that fulfills this goal perfectly. We hear a song we love but we don’t know what it is, the app allows us to identify it so we can download it or listen to it on a c streaming Spotify or Deezer among others.

However, with regard to the art, it was a little more complicated, experts had to go through the tedious research phase on specialized sites. We didn’t trust Magnus, which allows us to use our smartphone’s photo sensor to easily and quickly identify an artifact.

Magnus, the all-knowing Shazam of art

The application is available on Android and iOS, And of course it’s free. For example, by taking a photograph, you can learn everything about a work of art, its owner, the history of a painting, etc., as well as its value.

Magnus draws his knowledge from Wikipedia and specifically collaborates with galleries and other auction houses. It is easy to imagine that, by bringing together the millions of data available to all users of the app, the app will quickly become indispensable for many.

In order not to spoil the experience, the app developer did not stop here! We have the opportunity to consult where works of art are listed In many major cities such as Paris, Los Angeles, New York, Sao Paulo, London and Berlin. The editor states that other cities will be added soon.

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