Lookout: anti-theft alerts appear in the app!

As the technologies in our smartphones are always more advanced, their price is increasing tirelessly. Unfortunately, high prices (very) are often synonymous with attempted theft. To mitigate this trend, several apps offer different functions. Lookoout is one of them and it’s comingintegrate anti-theft alerts.

A month ago we told you that a stolen smartphone sends a selfie of the thief to its owner. If several apps (Anti-Theft, LockWatch, Lock, Cerberus Antitheft, etc.) offered this kind of service, Lookout, one of the most popular apps of this genre, was strangely missing. This now ancient history.

Lookout integrates anti-theft alerts into its app!

“Anti-Theft Warnings” valuable information As soon as Lookout detects unusual/suspicious activity (entering wrong password, removing SIM card, enabling Airplane mode, powering down device, disabling admin rights) on their smartphone.

A few minutes after detecting such suspicious behavior, the application an email with a photo of the alleged thief as well as a displayed map terminal location to the hypothetical victim.

According to a recent Lookout study, One in 10 French people have their smartphone stolen, 68% are willing to take risks to get it back, and 80% of victims never get their valuables back. “Preferred” places for theft are public transport (19%), public roads (17%), restaurants (12%), bars and nightclubs (10%), and, more surprisingly, workplaces (7%).

Even if the victims of smartphone theft do more justice to themselves, we will definitely advise you. don’t take unnecessary risks and supporting such apps while we wait for technology like the Kill Switch to become more democratic (remember it’s available on the LG G3).

You can download Lookout Antivirus and Security from the link below. note Anti-theft alerts are only available in Premium version however, this Lookout offers you a two-week free trial.

Feel free to share your impressions. Have you ever had your smartphone stolen? Do you use such applications? If yes, which one would you recommend? Tell us everything!

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