Limits Google Maps options if you don’t agree to share your location data

In May 2021, Google hosted the new Google I/O 2021 conference. During this event dedicated to developers, Google spent many minutes protecting privacy and user privacy. The company wants to be more transparent and better inform users about what it collects and how it protects their data.

For this reason, you can be greeted with a message entitled “Since the day the conference was held.We protect your privacy” When you open Google Maps, Gmail or Google Drive. and rightly, Google wants to keep playing the transparency cardas evidenced by This new message was seen on Google Maps.

Indeed, a new window appears when you are about to start the real-time navigation. “As you navigate, Google collects information such as GPS location and the route you take. This data can be used to make information visible to others, including real-time traffic conditions and interruptions, and to help them find the fastest route.” It’s an American company.

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Google clarifies data collection in Maps

As you can see, Google here presents to the user the collection of data necessary for the smooth functioning of the navigation in real time. The company also states that data is not associated with your Gmail account as well as the device used. And if you think Google is giving you a choice, it really isn’t.

If you do not agree to share your data, you will not be able to access real time navigation. You will only be able to benefit from a route displayed as a step-by-step list. In this mode, real-time traffic or disturbance updates, voice alerts, etc. Since Monday, August 30, this invitation to “provide navigation data” appears for Google Maps users on Android and iOS.

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