LG G4 Problems Are Annoying Owners

The new LG G4 is arguably one of the best Android smartphones released in 2015 and has a lot to offer with its large 5.5 inch screen, great performance and one of the best cameras of all smartphones. But all this does not come without at least a few complaints. Now that the LG G4 is available from all major US carriers, reports and issues frustrating LG G4 owners are starting to surface.

On April 28, the LG G4 was announced live in New York City, replacing last year’s older G3 and finally reaching all five major US carriers in the first week of June. It’s only been available for a few short weeks, and now that millions of users are enjoying the phone, we’re starting to hear more about a few shortcomings with the otherwise excellent device.

The LG G4 has garnered rave reviews all over the web as well as an Editors’ Choice Award on Moyens I/O for being one of the best phones to date. That said, we’re starting to hear multiple reports of touchscreen issues, discoloration, Bluetooth complaints, and more. Read on for a few main things we’ve heard so far.

To start off, an update started rolling out late last week on both AT&T and T-Mobile that aims to fix several critical issues in the software, as well as improve overall device stability and performance. This was a forced update that both operators released and even installed without any user interaction.

This means that owners cannot accept or reject the update, and if they don’t, the carriers will still install the update manually. This, along with fixing performance and other things, disappointed some, possibly blocked some vulnerabilities in the software and allowed owners to root the phone with a jailbreak version of Android.

An update that came and installed on its own was something many owners weren’t too happy with, but this is the first update since the phone’s launch aimed at getting everything the phone is currently available to the public. It was probably worth the update, but still this upset many users.


The bigger issue, however, seems to be a few nasty issues with the LG G4 touchscreen besides Bluetooth. The LG G4 has a beautiful 5.5-inch 2560 x 1440 Quad-HD display, one of the best on the market, but a some horror stories about not recognizing taps, swipes and general usage.

According to XDA Developers, which conducted a survey for LG G4 owners, around 60% of owners report touchscreen issues. The device does not recognize all touches, which leaves many owners frustrated when they try to use KnockCode or other lock screen security measures to unlock and use the device. Not to mention just daily use. At the time of writing this, only 38% voted they had no problems, the remaining 62% mentioned at least some kind of problem. It is not yet clear whether this is daily or occasional and hopefully this issue can be fixed with a software update to make the screen more responsive.

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We haven’t had any touchscreen issues yet on our international LG G4, and our LG G4 at AT&T hasn’t had any issues either. This doesn’t seem very common, but the numbers from the XDA survey above aren’t very comforting.

Then, without going There are several threads on the AndroidCentral forums where multiple LG G4 owners have been complaining about Bluetooth. The main concern is that the device does not connect to users’ car stereos or Bluetooth speakers to play audio, but it could just be an incompatibility or user error. another user reported Every time he turns off Bluetooth when he gets out of the car, the LG G4 reboots. It’s not a common issue, but still seeing reports about it is something users and potential buyers alike should know.

We also see that many of these complaints are coming from Verizon LG G4 owners, and as you know, Verizon LG G4 version came with a few concessions as the operator removed some popular software from the device. Features that other LG G4 owners can enjoy. The LG G4 is still one of the best phones on the market and we’ll investigate further and update it when we know more. Leave a comment below for any other issues or concerns you may have with your own G4.

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