Integrates Google Maps, Spotify, Apple Music and Play Music: here’s how to listen to music in the app

Google Maps now lets you play music from Spotify, Apple Music and Google Play Music directly in the map app interface. The update also Practical new features such as the “Travel” tab, the real-time location of buses and the number of places available in public transport.

“We integrate Spotify, Apple Music and Google Play Music with Google Maps so you can control your songs and podcasts directly from Google Maps navigation” He explains Google in a blog post. we watch with amazement absence of YouTube MusicIt is intended to replace Google Play Music in the coming years.

Google Maps allows playing Spotify, Apple Music and Google Play Music in the app

To listen to titles from Spotify and more, all you have to do is use the reduced player that appears just below the directions for your route. This player includes a small preview of the currently playing title, Play/Pause button and Previous/Next. Google states on its blog that the integration of its music streaming services with Google Maps will allow users to focus on their journey.

That’s not all, Google Maps alsoa new “Travel” tabIt contains valuable information about your daily routes, such as the estimated time of arrival to work or home, depending on your location and traffic.

In 80 regions of the world, Google Maps also offers to view the movement of trains and buses in real time. It is unknown at this time whether specific French cities are in question. Even crazier, Google promises to indicate the number of seats available on buses or trains soon! According to the Internet giant, this innovation is already available to residents of the city of Sydney in Australia. Google promises that all these features will eventually be made available worldwide.

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