Instagram will advise teens to take breaks to protect their mental health

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Facebook is fighting the storm as best it can. A few days ago, former employee turned whistleblower Frances Haugen was revealed to the world company’s little secrets. In addition to explaining how the latter profits from online hate, it has released numerous internal documents, some of which focus on users’ mental health. We explore this further The Group is fully aware of the harmful effects of its practicesit concerns the welfare of the youngest, which it officially denies.

The truth is that this incident does not improve Instagram’s reputation in this regard. Also, to calm the situation, Facebook vice president Nick Clegg announced the arrival of a so-called functionality. “support” to users who find themselves in a dangerous situation. “We are introducing something that I think will make a big difference: When our systems detect that a young person is watching the same content over and over again and that content may not be beneficial to their health, we will encourage them to watch other content.”he explained.

Instagram will encourage young people to take breaks

Therefore, this is not actually a problem of proportionality in the source, that is, the content itself, but rather directing users to more “virtuous” accounts. Nick Clegg adds Instagram will soon include a warning “I urge young people to take a break from using Instagram.” It is not yet known when this feature will be available. On the other hand, it is clear that trying to restore app imageAt a time when 40% of young children have accounts on social networks.

This measure joins several others aimed at protecting the youngest users, such as imposing a private account on them or preventing adults from sending them messages. Again, The second seems very inadequate compared to the scale of the debate.. So I’m not sure if this is enough for Facebook to regain the trust of the general public that it lost long ago. Let’s also remember that Instagram recently wanted to offer a special version for under 13s before changing its mind in the face of negative reactions.

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