HTC One M9 Update Improves Camera and Battery Life

This week, a brand new update has started rolling out to the popular HTC One M9 smartphone, aimed at improving a few key features of the phone that has received some criticism. These are camera, battery life and overall device performance.

In March, HTC announced that the One M9 is aiming to replace its predecessor, the HTC One M8, and the smartphone hit carrier shelves in the United States in early April. It hasn’t been as popular as expected, as it’s nearly identical to its predecessor, but owners will want to read about the latest software upgrade.

Since its release, the phone has received at least one software update aimed at improving the camera, but another is coming to all variants this week in hopes of fixing a number of issues. Read on for the full changelog and what to expect from this week’s HTC One M9 update.

Those who own the HTC One M9 from one of the major carriers offering the phone in the United States, this update is not yet available for you. We expect carriers in the United States to roll out Android 5.1 Lollipop for the One M9 soon with some of these changes, but so far no announcement has been made.

That said, here’s what’s coming this week. According to multiple reports, the HTC One M9 in Europe, Middle East and Africa should see an update to software version 1.40.401.5 with many fixes and improvements.

As we said above, this update addresses some of the HTC One M9’s biggest complaints. by the way with AnandTech This software upgrade should fix the camera, improve performance, give the smartphone better battery life, and introduce a new thermal management system that should keep the device cooler for heavy-duty, graphics-intensive gaming, or while charging. Here is the complete HTC One M9 update changelog.

As shown above, the camera is the main focus here. Everything from color balancing, automatic exposure controls and enhancements, noise reduction and improved low-light performance, and more. Then we see some efficiency tweaks in popular apps like YouTube and Facebook to somehow improve battery life.

All this should enable the HTC One M9 to take better photos, run both smoother and cooler, while improving battery life at the same time. This seems like a big all-around update that should fix multiple issues for owners, and now all we need is an update on when this software will arrive on the HTC One M9 in the United States.

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At the end of the day, this is just a maintenance update, so users will be running Android 5.0.2 Lollipop, not the latest Android 5.1 Lollipop released last month. Another update will come soon with more features and the latest version of Android.

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