How to create your own Street View with Photo Sphere!

Google now lets you Add your own 360° photos and Photo Sphere panoramas in Google Street View. It is enough to add personalized routes that may not currently be available in the Google service. It’s a way for the Mountain View giant to enrich its services and share your discoveries and journeys with friends and the world!

You know Street View, the Google service that lets you do it. visit many places in the world virtually. But until now, Google had to go somewhere for its cameras to be listed on the service. Now you can contribute and share your travels or simply list your workplace, home or favorite sights using your Android smartphone or tablet.

Create your own Street View with your photos and panoramas

What you need to do to do this connect several photo spheres together. Whether with your Android smartphone or digital camera. Then go to the website to merge your photo spheres in 360 degrees and create real interactive paths. To achieve this, you are taken over by Google, who explains how to share your discoveries in the most immersive way possible.

The globe photo function is available in your Android device’s camera app. You don’t necessarily need the new Google Nexus 5 to do this, this is 360° panorama function available on your smartphone. The name can sometimes change. On the LG G2 this is for example “VR Panorama”. With this new function, your holiday photos will take a little longer, but will gain another dimension. What do you think of Street View and have you contributed to it?


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