GPS without internet connection: best apps for Android

Our smartphones have become much more important than simple phones: they are our everyday companions, keeping us in touch with our loved ones as well as being able to join them on holidays far away.

When it comes to navigation and smartphone, Google Maps and its many features will come to our minds. However, if you haven’t already downloaded the area you want to explore, this may not be the ultimate solution for certain uses like driving or hiking.

So, it’s time to properly hook up your GPS, fasten your seat belts, and head out into uncharted territory to take a break from this noisy daily life. For this we provide 9 offline GPS apps for you to download on your phone.

9 Best Android GPS Apps to Use Offline

Google Maps

Since Google Maps can now work in offline mode, there is no longer any reason not to be in this selection. A very interesting option for Google GPS fans who regularly travel abroad so that they can use the app without sacrificing their data plan or simply in areas where the mobile network is average.

To take advantage of this, you will first need to download maps corresponding to the areas you want to visit, but you need to think ahead and that will be the only restriction. Then you will have access to all the features of the app in the downloaded area.

Here are the Maps

It’s impossible not to start with this app. Originally installed locally in Nokia terminals and now owned by BMW, Daimler and Audi, the geolocation service is one of the best on the market.

You have a hundred targets, real-time traffic, all of which can be easily downloaded, Road network in more than 40 countries. Here Maps also provides maps of interior buildings (airports, shopping centres), public transport… So here Maps remains a must for anyone who likes to travel out of the ordinary.

Android Nokia is Here

watch out, this truly for professionals traveling miles all year. Designed by the leader of Garmin GPS, Navigon can bring tears to your eyes when you see its price.

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Developed mainly for the road, it will provide you with all the necessary information, from pre-display of signs to traffic information to real-time calculation of your route, and many other things will remain available (in-app purchase). As you can see, it is an application made for those who do not have a minute to lose on the road, so they want the best, even at the expense of paying the price.

Navigon Garmin GPS Offline

Sygic Navigation and Maps

This is one of the great classics for offline navigation and cartography at the same time. Produced by TomTom, one of the pillars of GPS, this application actually has the feature of not being connected to the internet connection. Sygic Navigation & Maps only relies on your device’s GPS.

The app offers free usage for the first 7 days before paying a license to take advantage of its GPS. With € 19.99, you will benefit from the European cards for life. You can add real-time traffic information for 24.99 Euros. Again, it is primarily an application for professionals.

Android Google Play Offline GPS

Co-Pilot GPS

CoPilot is becoming more and more important these days and it must be said that the navigation service is very efficient. It even offers: france map freeand updated regularly to keep up with user needs.

In a friendly and quite colorful interface, you will find most of the features of the competitors. However, the emphasis is on: recognition of points of interest It contains in-app purchases around you which you can easily reach using this app.




This completely free application is a really nice surprise. It offers very detailed and referenced maps. The app remains one of the best in terms of offline maps. was once paid, the good news is you can now download it without paying a dime but even without it it would still be one of the best GPS apps out there. gps offline

maverick GPS

Maverick GPS Offline Navigation

Appropriate Two versions, one free and one paid (€7.50) each offer their maps in offline mode. If the Maverick GPS isn’t necessarily the most complete, it can still provide you with a substantial amount of maps and help you when you go hiking or even on a cruise.

It refers to bike zones and public transport networks. It is of course possible to load the maps yourself in the app, and this is a feature we appreciate.

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Maverick Offline GPS

Locus Map Pro

For 7.5 € you can get the Locus Carte Pro, which focuses above all on walkers or cyclists. Allows you to download many bike paths, but also pedestrian paths and even ski slopes. Geocaching Live! Thanks to its service, you can also participate in treasure hunts organized around the world.

The app may not be the most stable and has the misfortune to pay, but it turns out to be really rich in information. You can always get an idea by downloading the special walking version, which is free.

  • Locus Map Pro Full version 7.5 € :

Offline GPS Finder

  • Locus Map Free Walking Edition, Free :

Locus Offline GPS Walk

OsmAnd Maps and Navigation

OsmAnd maps and navigation GPS and navigation

If you don’t like the design of the app, especially at first glance, don’t turn your face away, as offline geolocation services will overshadow this superficial detail. Its name comes from the source from which it gets its cards. Open Street Maps, known internationally for the quality of its maps.

This data is stored in your phone’s memory and does not incur any additional cost to you if you are abroad. Voice guidance, display of street names, automatic route recalculation, all available for free.

GPS OSMAND Maps and Navigation


Each of these GPS has real qualities, some necessarily more complete than others. However, apart from the new Google Maps in this selection, it’s clear that Maps here remains perhaps the only real reference regarding the large number of features available.

But as we told you, the world of GPS is not limited to Google Maps and Nokia Here, it mainly focuses on road traffic. Apps like Locus Maps or Maverick It is very relevant when you are in the middle of nature, the network may be missing or your data plan is running out.

Of course, on the road to vacation, follow our advice for staying connected while driving safely. While you’re there, with an efficient internet connection, Google Maps can also be your best friend thanks to all these tricks. And feel free to share your recommendations among travelers in the comments!

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