Google: Waze and Maps teams will merge, but the two apps will remain separate

According to the Wall Street Journal, Alphabet is considering: Merge Waze teamsIt has 500 employees and teams responsible for Geo applications and services such as Google Maps, Google Earth and Street View. Google’s parent company will not be wasting any time as there are rumors that this organizational change will come into effect tomorrow, Friday, December 9th.

2022 is one year Dark year for Silicon Valley companies. The financial results for every member of GAFAM are catastrophic, except for Apple. Waves of layoffs continue to follow each other. Google wants to lay off 10,000 employees, the worst performers will be fired. Alphabet probably decided to bring together the Waze and Google teams in this context.

Google Maps Waze teams will become a single team, no layoffs planned

Google acquired Waze in 2013. Different implementations of each have coexisted without really competing until now. While Google Maps, Earth, and Street View have useful purposes for all types of audiences, Waze specializes in helping drivers. However, Maps like Waze are available on Android Auto; This can be confusing for less knowledgeable users and embarrassing for mapping applications.

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Waze is so popular with drivers that its removal could spark a real backlash among its 151 million users. Therefore, the future of collaborative GPS application is not in doubt for now. Moreover, Renault offers this independently in the Megane e-Tech and Austral Hybrid. But in the long run, there’s nothing to say Waze won’t join Google’s famous “service graveyard.”

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