Google Street View now has its own app

Previously connected to Google Maps, Google Street View has just been awarded special application. The system changes and new features appear. The application must evolve rapidly, as the possibilities are huge.

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Google Street View has its own app since yesterday. This system, which allows us to see the streets of cities on the other side of the world, and which we usually use to look at our own facade and that of our bride, is very successful. Until now, Street View depends on Google Map, and this can be quite inconvenient at times. Having an isolated application can make it easier to use. It also opens up new possibilities.

Againthe system changes. For now, the Google Street View app lets you look at a world map andget panoramic views desired locations. These panoramic images are taken from Google users and cars. The database is already extremely extensive and has only just begun.

Indeed, the Google Street View app now lets you:Feed the Google database yourselfand that’s all simplicity. You can present your own panoramic shots taken with your smartphone or tablet’s camera, or it’s possible to use a spherical camera over Wi-Fi.

street view self database

Currently, the app is only available through the site. APK Mirrorand it only works under android lollipop. We don’t know when and how the Play Store launch will take place and whether the app will be supported by previous versions of our favorite operating system. In any case, it might be a must-have soon.

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