Google Play Store: Find two apps every week for 0.10 Euro cents!

We are in the summer season and this holiday period can also remind us of the discount period. Traders sell their products, which has caused an influx of people, whether online or in stores. Google is aware of sales success Also, Californian offers you two applications each week at discounted rates.

Last week was an opportunity for them to kick off this event by offering two downloads on their new interface dedicated to the youngest age apps. This time adults also have access to interesting offers.. Therefore, they are offered as 0.10 euro cents.. Each offer will consist of an application followed by a game, just to diversify the tastes. Here are this week’s offers:

Smart Launcher Pro 3

Smart Launcher Pro 3 reduction

You can find the Smart Launcher Pro 3 app today at 0.10cts instead of about €4. This app featured in our list of best launchers It gives you access to 9 new screens, a new widget to assign to an icon, and the creation of shortcuts that allow you to launch apps or manage your contacts and much more.

Smart Launcher Pro 3 discount sale

Game of Thrones – Episode 5

game of thrones discount game

As for the game app, Google Play Store offers you Game of Thrones game 0.10 eurocent Always. Return to the universe of Westeros and stand shoulder to shoulder with Arya Stark, Tyrion Lannister and all the other characters from George RR Martin’s books.

Game of Thrones sale summer sale

There are also interesting proposals and offers that seal the start of an operation eager to please developers benefiting from increased visibility and users who see their spending limited. Thus, long trips to vacation can be occupied by personalization of your smartphone or video games that can grab your attention for a few hours.


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