Google Play Store: Fake reviews and fake ratings are over!

While smartphones in themselves have a lot to offer us, we can’t deny that what makes up all the salt of the experience is nothing more than what the developers imagined for us: apps without which, of course, our poor handhelds would lack features. .

There are multiple stores on Android, but all of them are based on the official formula of the Play Store, the store managed by Google itself, and therefore do not require installation from unknown sources to work.

But this has a fundamental problem: false reviews and false ratings, usually assigned by robots to bring apps and games in the natural selection of the title. Google studied this and decided to put an end to it.

The developer explained that he really has developed the detection algorithm misinterpretations that take care to delete them automatically. However, the mystery about this improvement remains as a whole, it does not reveal the tech house.

Therefore, you will now be able to navigate between applications and games much more calmly, making sure that the places in the ranking are truly deserved.

Google is also warning developers who may unwittingly fall victim to this new home. In fact, sometimes because marketing companies that these methods are applied that can harm a title without being blamed.

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