Google Play Services: How it helps keep Android safe

It may be a name you’ve read somewhere before, but do you really know Google Play Services? The system app dedicated to Android can generally be viewed as: The guarantor of perfect security for your smartphones and tablets…although some claim otherwise.

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Google Play Service is an app from Mountain View company that has a very specific role: to monitor all apps on your smartphone – that is, the majority of them – in relation to Google, because Play Services provides these apps with: information necessary for their operation and safety.

This is its primary mission: ensuring your Google-related apps are always up to date. This includes authentication services, synchronization of contacts, configuration of private data… In addition, it optimizes the operation of your applications, improving the overall use of your smartphone.

The Californian firm enjoys a good presence in this particularly fragmented ecosystem, thanks to the fact that manufacturers must include Google apps natively on their smartphones to become Android certified. Installed on more than 93% of Android devices.

The app works without you noticing and is compatible with Android 2.3 Gingerbread. Renews every six weeksGoogle Play Services is constantly updated and takes care of updating your apps to always be up and running; this is a big plus for developers who are spared the task of porting their apps from old versions of Android to new versions.

Intrusive and greedy for our good?

Google Play Service is permanently connected to Google servers and their purchases are encrypted. If there is one thing that is certain, it is that they are permanent and use many resources From your smartphone. The more Google Play Services manages the apps available on your device, the greater the data flow and consumption.

Some will recommend getting rid of these intrusive Google Play Services, especially since updates for most of your apps should now be available independently of the Play Store. But there will always be reluctant people who say that your every move is being watched by the greatest.

Admittedly, these Google Play Services are really greedy but is of great importance for security of the Android environment and more specifically your terminal. When you install a third-party app, the “Verify Apps” option is enabled as Android 4.2 automatically scans what you have installed.

Recall the detection of the FakeID security breach that occurred last year. Google Play Service helped limit the spread of the exploit so that the same device can upload to Play Store and browse different apps. Google Play Service provides continuous protection on over 93% of Android smartphones. It may be imposing and mysterious, but no less careful.

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