Google Photos: video stabilization has arrived and it’s impressive!

Google Photos’ new video stabilization feature is hidden in the Videos tab of the Albums page. To use it, simply select a video and press the pencil-shaped edit icon. The Pin option is next to the Rotate option on the next page. Press the button to start processing the video. Once the process is complete, your enhanced video will be immediately available.

It’s too early to really judge this feature, but the initial results are simply impressive. From time to time, processed videos may look a bit distorted, especially when the need for stabilization is very high. Anyway, the render is much nicer than the original video. You can discover an example through the video YouTuber Daniel Stone posted on his channel.

Google Photos: A cropped video stabilization feature

One of the negative aspects of this feature is that it has an effect. obtained by cropping the video. Therefore, part of the video is simply removed after processing. That’s the price to pay to get a balanced image. It’s up to you to decide whether the video really needs to be fixed, even if that means paying the price. In either case, the original video is not lost.

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Google Photos is available for free on the Play Store and is natively installed on the latest Android smartphones. Google is constantly improving its app to offer users more attractive features than ever before, thanks to machine learning or artificial intelligence technologies. Feel free to explore all our tips to fully master this software.

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