Google Photos now lets you hide photos of your ex

The Google Photos app has been updated with a very interesting new feature that lets you hide photos of people you don’t want to see anymore.

During the night, Google announced the update of two of its apps. The first is Snapseed, which will finally be able to support RAW format images. Uncompressed output format now offered by some smartphones. Pictures you can now edit from your mobile phone without having to go through a PC.

But that’s not all, because the Google Photos we tested at launch is also the subject of a more comprehensive update. hide pictures People you don’t want to see anymore, like your ex for example, appear. With this option you will not need to delete them, but they will no longer appear in the assemblies and animations or option offered by the assistant. “Rediscover today”.

Google Photos hide

As another equally interesting innovation will be introduced with this update, it will also be an interesting innovation that will not be the only one. So the app scans a face in the photo, group all matching images. Thus, better organization of images that can be classified by humans. Features that will require facial recognition enabled in Google Photos using our tutorial, as this option is not officially available in Europe.

Finally, more generally, the overall performance of the application has been further improved. Google Photos version 1.8 is currently distributed in several countries, but still not in France. However, it is possible download apk file Consider allowing app downloads from external sources in your Phone settings at this link.


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