Google Photos: here’s Galerie Go, a lightweight and faster version

You already use Google Photos, you can fall for it Go to Gallery, a new “gallery” app just released for Android. The goal is simple: Google wants to offer a lightweight and faster alternative to users who don’t need the syncing features of Google Photos. The app is intended to be lighter and more fluid.

Gallery Go: Google launches a lighter and faster Photos app

Gallery Go weighs only 10 MB. Unlike Google Photos, the app is not dependent on cloud backup services. Based on artificial intelligence automatically edit photos depending on the people and objects they contain. No need to manually tag pictures for better organization.

Every night, Gallery Go automatically groups your photos into categories: People, Selfies, Nature, Pets, Documents, Videos, and Movies. Easily share memories with loved ones instead of wasting time browsing through your entire photo library to find a specific photo. »

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In addition to organizational features, Gallery Go like Google Photos has various editing tools. You can easily get better photos in seconds, including one-tap auto-enhancement. The app also includes a variety of filters to breathe new life into your photos, not to mention classic editing tools like rotate or crop images. Gallery Go is now available on Google Play Store.

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