Google Photos: coloring black and white photos is finally coming

Google Photos will finally be able to let you colorize black and white photos. This feature is highly anticipated as it was introduced by Google during Google I/O in May 2018. Concretely, AI can automatically predict colors from black and white photos. His neural model was trained from millions of images so it could color the sky blue, trees green, and more.

Google Photos will finally get the ability to colorize black and white photos

After the first demo of this feature, Google announced that the beta version will be available soon. But since then, radio silence. However, a handful of users are reporting that the “Colorize” feature appears in the latest beta version of Google Photos (4.26) compared to the yet-to-download 9to5Google version.

However, 9to5Google has a number of examples that show “Color” in action. Every time we start with a color photo that has been converted to black and white, we ask Google Photos’ AI to recolor the image. As you might expect, the result is different from the original photo. In particular, the color saturation is inaccurate – often pale or too intense, for example, in the sky.

These minor imperfections can still add a lot of charm to your photos. However, where we can clearly see that we are still in beta is where the image is cut by the neural network: we find irregularities in certain colored areas, especially when the scene represented by the photo is complex. Trees, for example, may appear green with orange speckles, for example.

We’ll have to wait for version 4.26 of Google Photos to be available before we can test the functionality – which will happen very soon. Are you willing to test Colorize? Share your views in the comments.

Source : 9to5Google

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