Google Photos: album storage limit increases to 20,000 photos and videos, Merry Christmas!

Google gives us a little Christmas present before an hour. The Mountain View company has decided to double the storage limit for live albums, which goes from 10,000 photo or video files to 20,000. Those who contributed to the filling of the album participate.

Google Photos uses AI to automatically generate Live Albums

We would like to remind you that the Live Album feature was launched in October 2018. It lets you automatically store photos in Google Photos by creating categories by person or even pet. Google’s artificial intelligence analyzes all the photos you take with your smartphone, recognizes the faces that appear in them, and then creates these albums. Then you can have a “Family” or “Friends” album for group photos, or a “Bertrand” album for your dog that you photograph often and are not inspired by when choosing a name.

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Automatic classification of photos by location, people, photo type was already available on many smartphones. For example, in the latest versions of Huawei’s skin, EMUI, it can be found in the Explore tab of the Gallery app. With automatic sorting and album creation by person photographed, location or theme (food, scenery, documents, etc.). Therefore, it was time for Google Photos to get started.

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