Google Maps will show earthquakes and hurricanes

Google introduced it two years ago Emergency alerts can warn users of nearby natural disasters. Thanks to geolocation, these notifications automatically provide maps and emergency numbers to Internet users affected by a crisis. Today, Google goes even further.

Google Maps will predict the path of a hurricane

“We’re improving SOS alerts by adding visual information about natural disasters to Google Maps, along with a new navigation alert system” He explains Google in a blog post. These warnings are “predict natural disaster and its development”promises to the company.

The app will therefore provide a complete visual overview of the situation. In the event of an earthquake, Google Maps a graph showing the epicenter and magnitude of the earthquake. In the event of a tornado, the app will try to predict its trajectory. Google will also show flood sensitive areas.

All this data will be automatically displayed on the smartphones of the relevant Internet users. If your route is affected by a disaster, Google Maps will display the same warning. You will also acquire the necessary knowledge to circumvent the phenomenon.

These new alerts Released this summer on Android and iOS. Initially, Google will offer this new functionality in the most at-risk regions such as India, United States, Mexico, Caribbean… Images of each disaster can also be accessed via the web interface. What do you think of these new alerts? Can Google Maps save lives with these features? We look forward to your feedback in the comments.

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